covpride 2015



*******Coventry Pride Update*******

As most of you have probably seen over the past few days by Social Media and Press there has been some turmoil regarding Coventry Pride taking place on the 27th & 28th June. covprideThe original organisers did cancel the event after a breakdown in the working relationship between themselves and Fargo (the main venue). Fargo have stated that the event WILL STILL be taking place on the weekend as planned.


**The Show Will Go On**

A few representatives of Fargo and the Community attended the LGBT Events group meeting earlier this week and further discussions have taken place. Following on from this it has been agreed that the LGBT Events Group becomes the steering group for this year’s Coventry Pride Event and Fargo will act as the event organisers.

The previously setup facebook event has been cancelled/deleted by the former organisers which has been replaced by the new event (by Fargo) here:

If anyone has been in contact with the original organisers about performing or having a stall at this event and would still like to be involved, please email fargo at


**Looking for volunteers**

The Events Group with representatives from Fargo will be meeting in this capacity on Wednesday 10th June (next week) at 6:30pm in Diamond Room 2 at the Council House, High Street, Coventry. This meeting is to discuss any outstanding actions and look for volunteers to help support the event. So anyone that wishes to be part of something, part of Coventry’s First pride event they are welcome to attend.

Hope to see you there!



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