Transgender Day of Remembrance.



Today is November 20th.

All too little is known that today is Transgender Day of Remembrance.
It’s a day to recognise and reflect on people who were murdered or committed suicide as a result of anti-transgender hate and prejudice.

I’m sorry to say it’s not a happy day, but it is an important one all the same.
We’re talking about a simple fact that nobody should be able to deny: murder is murder, it’s evil and it’s never justifiable.

A recent survey found that 48% of Trans* people under 26 said they had attempted suicide. Whilst 59% said they had considered doing so. By comparison about 6% of all 16-24 year olds say they have attempted suicide. The study also found 59% of Trans* youth had deliberately hurt themselves compared with 8.9% of all 16-24 year olds.

Finally as I say every year: I ask you to take a few moments of your day to commemorate this. I think it’d be great if everybody did something. Be it a comic, photo story, picture, poem or even a blog, something to reflect on this day.

If you know someone who is Trans*, give them a hug and be there for them. And if you are Trans*, just be strong and don’t be afraid of who you are.
Aimee, 17, Trans*


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