Important Announcement

At a meeting held on 16th October 2018, members formally approved the Trustees motion to dissolve the Charity that stated:

“The trustees of Coventry & Warwickshire Friend (the Charity) resolve to dissolve the charity as of 30th November 2018 and transfer all assets, liabilities, clients and volunteers to Coventry Pride (Reg Number 1164035) by 30th November 2018 in accordance with Section 5 of the LGBT Charity’s Constitution”

I would like to thank all the volunteers and Trustees for their help, assistance and support over the past 38 years and I am saddened that we have had to
make the decision to close the charity. However I am heartened that Coventry & Warwickshire Friend has been able to assist hundreds of people to accept who they are and thus improve their lives.

Chris Spreadbury

Chair of Trustees

Coventry & Warwickshire Friend


Please note all the client support groups (YANA, Out In the UK & Coffee Mornings) have been passed over to Coventry LGBT Plus (Coventry Pride) who will now be running them.

For further information regarding the support groups please visit:

or email